Rick Feds

Rick Feds is possibly the greatest finger-drummer of all time and has been included in Ableton's top 5 list two years in a row. He is a performer, music producer, Fulbright scholar, TED speaker, Ableton, Melodics and Arturia artist that seeks the boundaries of interactive art forms. After studies in RMC, Copenhagen finds his way in the U.S. and becomes a session musician to perform with artists like Cuba Gooding Sr., Betty Wright, Marcus Miller, etc. The former classical/jazz background makes a key difference in Rick's play on the sample pad. Feds' finger-drumming technique allows him to perform multi-layered electronic music live as well as trigger visuals all in real time and is later enriched by multi-instrumentalist's energetic play on drums, synthesisers, and various other instruments creating a full package of danceable entertainment.

Press articles / Reviews

''I like to improvise a little which sets a new vibe and energy to the performance'' https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/performing-music-with-visuals/

''He’s back at it again with another virtuoso performance'' https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/five-winning-push-performances/

Top 5 Ableton performances https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/push-performances-five-favorites/

Notable performances

Rick Feds has opened shows for Araab Muzik and James Arthur on the European tour, performed at Positivus Music Festival, BAF festival in London, Summer Sound Festival, PlayGround Festival, Tallin Music Week and countless music venues across the globe. Created interactive audio/visual performances for companies like Apple, Samsung, BMW, Volkswagen and other.

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